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Welcome to IrelandFound TM 

Your Place Your Story

Ballyliffin, Co. Donegal                               Dog's Bay, Roundstone, Co. Galway 

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My IrelandFoundtm creative practice started five years ago now when I made my first experimental three -dimensional IrelandFoundtm artworks using found objects. I developed the artform in response to my own attachment to place and landscape, but also because of an awareness that connection to place was a central part of happy memories and good feelings for other people too. Many people share the experience of  slipping a little stone from an old wall into their pocket or filling a bottle with sand from a special beach to take home in their suitcase. Like any memento, I believe the tangible object makes a deeper connection with place and the collected thing can bring an additional intimacy and meaning to an artwork, helping to keep an important memory alive or unexpectedly remind us of a happy experience.

So.... this is what I'm working on with 
IrelandFoundtm; people's relationship with places, connectedness memories, social history. I use collected items (or personal  mementos), overlaid on original photographs, to create fully finished, framed artworks that can be hung in the living space, connecting people in a more tangible way to special places. On the back of the work, a little story booklet records the unique number of the handmade work and the details of the location and the collected materials used.

I'm thinking, as time goes by, about the wide range of opportunities to work on collaborative projects around place attachment with collected items. Many of those circumstances have already been realised by those who have ordered commissioned pieces e.g. reminders of home for adult children living abroad, wedding gifts for a couple's 'special' place, gifts to visitors returning  abroad after a memorable visit to Ireland,or family gifts in memory of happy holidays. But some remain unexplored ( or work in progress), such as memory aides for older people reminiscing about childhood, or works based on the ancestral homplace of members of the irish diaspora.

I look forward to developing all these ideas and many more.

Paula Collins
February 2017

    Sandycove, Co. Dublin                 Ballyliffin, Co. Donegal                   Kilcrohane, Co. Cork

"Dad was over the moon with the picture, it's absolutely fabulous...... The picture has taken pride of place on the wall at home!"

" Thanks again for lovely work ....."I was blown away by such a brilliant idea- love it"


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